The universal shapes and proportions of nature are reflected in Yoldia’s products

You can feel the power of the Ice Age and the mystique of the beginning of the universe, and return to shamanistic Kalevala legends in your mind through modern design.

Nature designs with a rough hand, leaving flaws in place to make the whole perfect.

Through shapes and materials, Yoldia’s products embody deeper values, including a community spirit, responsibility, respect for others, presence, appreciation of nature, honesty and respect.

Yoldia Scandinavia – at the origins of post-ice age nature

Most of Yoldia’s products are created in the Vanajavesi Valley, a part of Finland’s national landscape, in a wonderful setting full of natural diversity.

This landscape is culturally and historically important, a feast for the eyes, an epitome of Finland’s unique nature. The breathtakingly beautiful lake landscape, ancient cultivated fields, and lush ridges are a true joy to behold. Here, you can also spot the magnificent osprey flying high in the sky.

Our products are reminiscent of the relationship between humans and nature

We are part of nature and completely dependent on it. It is the source of our nutrition and the air we breathe. Still, an increasing number of modern people around the world have no experience of wild nature.

We want to bring people and nature closer together through our products. Encounters with wild nature are often memorable moments. Such positive nature experiences make it easier to understand why it is vital to protect the environment and biodiversity.

Natural materials

We use nature’s own high-quality materials sourced close to us.

When used correctly, products created from these materials by skilled hands can be eternal. The use of natural materials makes the products easily recyclable and ecological.