The story of Yoldia Scandinavia begins in a blacksmith’s workshop on the shores of Lake Vanajavesi – the very same place where the shoreline of the Yoldia Sea once lay.

Thousands of years ago, the last Ice Age was coming to an end. The retreating ice left behind the Yoldia Sea, an early stage of what we now call the Baltic Sea.

Much later, the rage of a warrior, longing for faraway places, hammer the rocks on the shore of a long-forgotten sea. His troops have already fled, but Olyfdir, the warrior, has fallen fervently in love. However, the Finnish maiden rejected his love and fled deep into the forest.

Olyfdir strikes a rock on the shore with his sword, and the rock breaks like the warrior’s heart. A broken man, he steps in his boat and sails to his homeland.

Dusk falls in the quiet Vanajavesi Valley. On the shore, the rock split by Olyfdir shimmers with white light.

A Yoldia bird flies out from the rock and navigates along the Milky Way to the sanctuary of the universe, carrying an important message.

Another thousand years have passed. Sparks fly at the walls of a dim workshop, illuminating a restless face. The blacksmith lowers his hammer and closes his eyes – he sees glimpses and shapes from a faraway place.

The primordial force of the universe grips the blacksmith’s hammer. The Milky Way glows as the soul birds arrive and cast the Yoldia bird’s spirit over the blacksmith. Flames are roaring on the path of the Swan and the Sun Deer. Then, the protective silhouette of Kokko, the thunderbird, stands out against the sky. The earth shakes, and the Great Oak falls.

The blacksmith fights between the spiritual and the material. Time has vanished. There is nothing but this moment, as the beginning of the universe connects with the present. The strong hands forge the iron as if enchanted, and shape the past, making it visible.

The flames die down, and the roar subsides. The blacksmith comes to and sees an iron bird before his eyes. The Yoldia bird had returned from the world beyond, the sanctuary.

Yoldia Scandinavian suunnittelija Jesse Kakkola

“It had been fifteen years since the bird was forged and I found myself living on the shores of the ancient Yoldia Sea.

The history of the region and the magnificent nature inspired me to create a historical and mystical product collection based on steel and stone.”